Indian hip – hop scene changed drastically in the past few years. people were not aware of, what is hip-hop? a few years ago if we had talked about rap, we had only a few names like yo yo honey Singh, Badshah, etc. but as hip-hop scene started grew in India, so many new rappers came into the scene. so today, I will tell you about the top 10 Indian rappers in 2019 and why they are the top 10 rappers in India.

1. Divine

His real name is Vivian Fernandes. he grew up in Mumbai in slum areas.   That’s why he promoted slums, gully, and Mumbai in all his first raps. divine was doing rap since his childhood. but he started gaining popularity after his rap song “Yeh Mera Bombay,” and he got his first award for this song. later, he got huge popularity for his song “Mere Gully Mein.” he wrote rap songs for Bollywood movies to web series. Zoya Akhtar, film director, made a movie “gully boy” inspired by his life. in 2019, he started “gully gang entertainment” to promote new upcoming hip-hop artists. 

In the arose of India hip-hop scene, huge credit goes to the divine. he is famous for the way he presented the life of people in slum areas. he worked with “Red bull” and “Puma.” a movie “gully boy” inspired by his life. he worked for Anurag Kashyap, a film director for the song “Paintra.” Discovery” channel made a documentary on his life “gully life.” He gave a song “Kaam 25” for Netflix’s web series “sacred games.” and these days, he is working with “Nas” a great hip-hop rap artist.

2. Raftaar

Everybody knows Raftaar today. The real name of Raftaar is Dilin Nair aka Maxx. and He is basically from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. he started his career as a dancer. At the very first, he was in a dance show on zee tv “dance India dance doubles.” he came with his partner Manik and his name was Maxx at that time. but, he could go long in that show. Later, he joined honey Singh, Badshah, Ikka, Lil golu. and they all worked together to make music in a group called “Mafia mundir.” But then again this group shattered. Raftaar got recognition with his Rap song “Swag Mera Desi.” and there is a lot to tell about Raftaar, which I will tell you in my upcoming post. Here is why he is one of the top underground rappers.

Raftaar is known for his sensible lyrics and his flow. He has an excellent vocabulary of Hindi and English and knowledge of slang. Besides his art and rap, Raftaar got so much love for his character and personality. He does a lot of social work. He runs an NGO for dogs. He is more active on social media for women empowerment, against all social evils and always encouraging youth. He always appreciates real talent and new artists. Recently, he started his music label “Kalamkar” for upcoming rap artists. He won the “DADA SAHEB FALKE” award. He was a judge on one of the most popular TV reality shows of India “roadies.” there days, he is judging the first-ever show for rappers in India “hustle.” He also worked with Varun Dhawan for a “vivid shuffle” promotion song.” vivid shuffle” was India’s largest hip-hop dance festival.

3. Emiway

Every Indian who loves rapping knows this name, today. Emiway’s real name is Shahrukh sheikh (Bilal). He was born on 13 November 1995 ( 24years) in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He is from a Muslim south Indian family. Emiway lives in Entophil, Mumbai. He started his career with his debut song “Giant lock ” ft Minta. He got popularity with his song “Aisa Kuch shot Nahi hai,” and he got ‘people’s choice award for this song. He was seen in a famous reality show “India’s got talent” and performed his rap “Aur Bantai” but couldn’t go too far. Emiway’s career got great hype. After, his diss track fight with Raftaar. In just a few days, views on his videos were in millions. After gaining popularity from this diss track fight Emiway kept on dropping amazing rap songs like “Machayenge” “Freeverse feast (Dawat)” and “I been that”.

He is in the top 10 Indian rappers list because Emiway shows his fantastic rapping skills during his diss track fight with Raftaar. He wrote, composed and dropped a song in just 24 hours. And it was a great diss track. These days, Ewiway is collaborating with international artists like Dax ( Nigerien rapper) and wiz Khalifa. His aggression, flow, and Mumbai slang make him different from others. Though his lyrics are not much sensible, still sometimes his bars are amazing. Emiway knows how to make people dance and how to make fun rap, and that’s the reason he is in the top 10 list of rappers.

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