Top Hollywood songs of  2019

Hollywood songs are very popular in the entire world and are most googled and loved by all audiences. Even if they create any remix they are being loved by all audiences. They know what exactly the people want from the singers. Many popular tracks sung by awesome singers are being played and still played during every occasion in life. There are some songs which you can never get bored with. Best English songs of 2019 are so many that you’ll definitely download in your playlist. An amazing song is always the one which never dies even after a decade and is always there on tips of most of the people who love listening and singing songs.

English songs are known for their hip-hop beats and lyrics which can’t be compared to any other industry. They love doing experiments with songs that is why they are most appreciated for their challenging spirit and experiments. To become a singer is not that easy instead it’s a god gift. A Good voice is always acknowledged and so is their soul which gives feeling to the song. Just by listening to a song a person can make his mind romantic, sad, enthusiastic and much more. Get complete collection of all songs by visiting the sites that are purely in music. Music apps are there that users can download and add favorite songs that they wish.

Old Town Road

This popular track is 2 minutes 30 seconds song that is being loved by all. This song will take you back to the old times. The video song is subscribed by most people today as it is the most favorite of people in the world today. The song lyrics are amazing and have gained popularity and profits.

Brockhampton- “Sugar”

This is a boy band song that is loved by all audiences. The song is very soothing to the ears and if you love this song download it today and add to your playlist. The song is slow and will take you to the mountains and landscapes. The song shows drug abuse and the timeless stress of change.

Lizzo juice

This is a retro song that will take you back to the old era. To download the song download any popular app that is most downloaded by the users. You can listen to this retro song and can even perform on events in schools and colleges. The song is very energetic and people all over the western zone are loving it more than the other regions. So make sure you do add this song in your playlist. Songs make a mood fresh and you feel charged and happy. The singers who sing songs are generally very emotional.


This is another special song that is being loved by the young generation especially the young girls. The dance video of this song is amazing and as you watch this you definitely love dancing on the beats. It’s beautifully choreographed and known for its lyrics. If you want this song, download any popular music app and create your playlist and add this song there.

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